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Nursery Plants

An overview of all our different plants and trees



We grow 160+ species of trees in different sizes. From big evergreen shade trees to small focal point trees. We also have a huge variety of trees for hedging and screening.

Picture: Schotia brachypetala



Shrubs create a variety of colour & texture; adds to our privacy and attract insects and birds to our gardens. Of course, it is also beautiful to look at.

Picture: Leonotus leonurus (Orange)



Ground covers will add colour, beauty and interest to our gardens. It serves as living mulch and reduce our maintenance in the garden. It creates soft contrast to hard landscapes and it provides practical solutions on difficult areas such as slopes, deep shade and rocky areas.

Picture: Crassula capitella



Aloes provide a bright and colourful picture in our dry winter gardens. It attracts birds and bees and it needs almost no maintenance. It can be planted as ground cover, shrub or focal point.

Picture: Aloe marlothii



Clivias are easy to grow and very rewarding as it needs low maintenance and little water and provides us with an abundance of satisfaction. The deep green leaves throughout the year and bright flowers during spring and summer is reason enough to grow clivias in our shady areas in the garden.

Picture: Clivia miniata



Cycads are one of the most fascinating plants for our gardens as it has a unique and distinctive appearance. It creates structure and combines very successfully with our other indigenous vegetation such as trees, shrubs, ground covers and other plants.

Picture: Encephalartos Lebomboensis



We grow macadamia trees on order for farmers in different cultivars as needed. We only do grafted trees and are proud of our good quality macadamia trees.

Picture: Macadamia seedlings

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